Layover Liberation: Zurich


But this is the real world.  Layovers often stretch to 8 or 9 hours.  Sometimes overnight layovers force travelers to check-in to nearby hotels.  However, early check-out times place many back in the airport hours before their flights with nothing to do but to stick their noses in books.  While I am a big supporter of literacy and book reading on the whole, I would like to propose that airports are magical places full of places to explore, coffee to sip, and people to meet.  We can liberate the layover from a four-letter word to an excursion of excitement.

Let’s take a look at the Zurich Airport, a hotspot for European layovers.  This airport has many awards to its credit.  Every year since 2004 it has received first place in Europe for the World Travel Award.  In this renowned center for air travel, there are a variety of ways to seize your layover. 



Even if you aren’t up for the airport prices, you can peruse anything from

designer clothing at Hugo Boss or Bulgari Boutique,

handcrafted gifts at The Spirit of Switzerland or the Edelweiss Shop,

stunning watches at Türler Uhren & Juwelen,

sparkling jewelry at Tiffany & Co. or Swarovski,

the latest handbags at Gucci or Burberry,

or this year’s bestsellers at Press & Books.



There is sure to be just the right snack or meal to suite your taste…or try something new.

For coffee, check out Caffè Ritazza.

For freshly baked goods, check out Bakeside or for the all-natural option, Marché.

For a taste from the Mediterranean, check out la Corbeille.

For decadent Swiss sweets, check out Lindt Boutique or Confiserie Sprüngli.



Watching a veritable microcosm pass in front of your eyes may be enough entertainment for you.  But when your mind needs a little more stimulation, take a walk over to the Montreux Jazz Café to listen to recordings of jazz festival concerts.  You can grab a bite to eat there too.  Need a little more leg stretching?  Go to the Observation Deck and Walkway.  For a small entry fee of about $6, you can get a view of all of the activities of the airport, learn interesting facts about many airplanes, or take a look at a miniature version of the airport. 

Don’t let your next layover in Zurich be a bore.  Get out there and explore!  The airport is waiting.

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