Asian Heart Institute


Asian Heart Institute is considered by many to be India’s premier private cardiac care hospital.  In fact, it has ranked with the lowest mortality and complication rates of 15 of the world’s top cardiac hospitals in a study by the Joint Commission International.  In addition to this JCI ranking and accreditation, Asian Heart Institute boasts ISO and NIAHO accreditation.  Its cutting edge facilities and doctors strive to utilize modern technologies for the benefit of the patient.  Asian Heart Institute is one of the few hospitals in India that offers Robotic Surgery.  Also, it is the only hospital in Western India with a comprehensive Pediatric Care Center.  


  1. JCI Accredited
  2. ISO Certification
  3. NIAHO Accredited

Notable Patient:Renowned Dr. Ramakanta Panda, Director of Asian Heart, performed redo bypass surgery and post-operative care for India’s Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.


To operate as a world – class heart hospital, incorporating the latest technological advances and ethical practices to provide quality heart care at reasonable cost.




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