The biggest benefit that America’s Medical Solutions provides to both large and small insurance companies is significant savings. When you partner with America’s Medical Solutions, you save thousands of dollars on a single medical case. Then multiply your savings as more and more of your insured come on board. 

Expand your customer base

When you partner with America’s Medical Solutions for medical tourism in India, you can attract more customers by offering them low-cost plans for medical treatments in India. These low cost plans are affordable and offer many small business owners the opportunity to offer insurance benefits to their employees.

How to Partner

Introduce an addition to your policy or policy option which includes coverage for medical tourism in India through America’s Medical Solutions.  To make this option more appealing this policy would cover travel costs and offer a stipend of your choice to policy holders who choose medical tourism.  This would include a co-pay exemption as well.  You still save thousands and your customer can walk away with world class treatment, an Indian adventure, and some money in his or her pocket.  Medical tourism policy additions also appeal to corporate policy holders.  With the decrease in medical costs of employees, insurance premiums also will decrease. 


  • American facilitators on site in India assisting you with internationally accredited hospitals and highly trained medical professionals
  • Customized packages to meet your specific needs
  • Almost all medical procedures are available at costs 40% - 80% lower than in the US
  • Services include documentation, travel, lodging, medical treatment and follow-up as required
  • Complete privacy
  • Flawless coordination of communication, delivery of service and records



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