Our Mission

We are a unique medical tourism company of Americans helping our clients obtain the best medical and dental care in India that meets or exceeds American standards.  We are client-focused, providing American insight, perspective and presence along every step of the medical tourism process. We want to ensure the comfort, care, security, and success of the patient’s medical and/or dental treatment by utilizing our team of experts.  Additionally we are committed to organizing relaxing pleasurable tourism activities to aid in the healing process.

Our Guarantee

Our guests are our top priority. We guarantee the following to make our guests’ experience as
positive as possible:

• Promptness
We guarantee prompt communication and service before, during, and after your stay in India.

• Courtesy
We guarantee a courteous attitude throughout all of our service to you. We will treat you with
the utmost respect and kindness, understanding that a smile goes a long way.

• Service
We guarantee round the clock service while you are in India. Any time that a need arises, day or
night, we will be by your side to assist you.

• Quality
We guarantee to optimize our network to seek out the best doctors and hospitals for your specific

• Affordability
We guarantee to tailor your medical tourism plan specifically to your financial needs, finding the
best deals for the best experiences.




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