Craig Phillips

HomeState: North Carolina

Greetings all!  Almost 20 years now in India has been a bountiful experience and I am eager to assist you. Need just the right doctor or dentist? What a selection India offers! Looking for a spotless accredited hospital? Check out the credentials! Desire help getting over here and help while you are here? Look no further!

Mark Sharp

HomeState: California

Greetings from India! I was a school teacher in Northern California, worked with the US Forest Service, and was strongly involved in working with churches; all of which I really enjoyed.  But more than 14 years back, I was given a unique opportunity to serve others in India. At that time, I met Craig, and we have worked together since. In 2003 I married my wonderful wife Sylvia from India. We have three children. 

When I came to India I thought of this country as an underdeveloped third-world country. Yes, it’s different, but to my surprise I discovered that India is a true leader in technology and medicine. India can truly claim that it has some of the best hospitals and doctors anywhere in the world! And since prices and cost of living are much less than other developed counties, both Craig and I saw a great opportunity to help out many people. So in 2006 we decided to share this good news especially with those who could not afford the high cost of American medical services, but did not want to compromise on quality. 

I am aware that any medical need is not easy, and to travel to India may seem inconvenient, but I am here to help you as is the rest of our team. India is a truly amazing place! Come and be our guest. And remember, we are here for you.

Teresa Phillips
Counseling Consultant

HomeState:  Arkansas

Namaste!  As a child growing up in a small town in Arkansas, I would never have thought I would one day be living in Mumbai, India!  As my small town upbringing is still in my heart, I have found Mumbai to be an amazing, safe, and exciting city with a small-town feel to it!  How could that be?  The people here are so friendly and helpful.  It is very easy to make friends here for a lifetime!  These qualities are obvious in the doctors, nurses, and staff in the 5-star hospitals we want to arrange for you. 

In America, I was a licensed teacher and now have worked to also become a Licensed Associate Counselor.  I have lived in India for over 6 years, and I am here to help you in any way that would be beneficial.  I believe that you can find a second home here with us and get your medical needs taken care of at the lowest price!  Welcome!



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